The city is home. It is where I have wanted to be ever since dreams existed. It is the key to everything. It is the city that I took in with wide eyes as a child, it is the same city I can see through the window now. It appears to have gotten taller, sometimes it does that overnight. But now, she sits there engulfed in darkness, the rain clings to the window. London is hiding tonight.

Somewhere in this city tonight walks the person who has my heart. All night I have been looking out into the city trying to find him. Searching for him in a sea of strangers. Are you looking out of your window tonight? Like I am looking out of mine trying to find him. I look out past the skyscrapers into the windows, into the many windows that are looking back at me.

I wonder what is that you see when you look out into the city. Do you only see the lights, the rushing late people, maybe the stragglers,or the tall buildings that tickle Heaven? Or do you not look up that much? When you look out into the city I am there. I am the city to you. And now you are the city for me.


London… can you hear me?



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