Fuck boy

So there is this guy, who I know quite well and have done since my second year of university. We were very good friends until one night I asked him for a kiss, and we kissed. You may think what’s the problem with that right? Right, so the problem was that I was in a relationship at the time. Do not think I am scum of the Earth, I admitted to my mistake, which it was at the time. Now over a year later, and I am single again it was he who approached me. Obviously  I am not going to turn him away, I liked him… But there has quite clearly been some changes there.

In this time apart, I have been cheated on like a gazillion times, destroyed and risen from the ashes reborn a new, powerful, Beyonce addicted woman. And he, from what I can tell has turned into a fuck boy. Now this guy does not have the look to be a fuck boy, and I don’t know why he is trying to be a fuck boy to me.

It all started when we began messaging again, we were having some long ass conversations everyday and having this flirty, mincing (a welsh word given for two people talking before the inevitable) conversation. Everything was going so well, I was even beginning to not feel depressed and looking forward to whatever happened. We arranged to meet up for drinks after our exams, so I had plenty of time to get my body into shape. However, due to the amount of messaging and major bonding going on we decided to speed this meeting up.

If there was thing I hate is when a guy makes plans for you, and two days before does not message you to re-confirm the plans. It was Thursday the day before the big night, and there was still no word from him, and I refused to be the one to approach him first. The big day finally came, and annoyed that he hadn’t contacted me yet I messaged him asking what the bloody crack was. He cancelled. I lived. FUCK BOY SIGN NUMBER ONE!

Since then, which was probably about three weeks ago now we still haven’t met up. We have kept in contact here and there, which pisses me off even more. Every time he messages me, which he always does eventually he ends up ignoring me. He will send me a few messages, I will send a few back, massive messages, paragraph messages so he has lots to say back… BUT HE FUCKING BLANKS ME. HE IS A MASSIVE FUCK BOY. And I don’t get it, why message me in the first place if you are just going to ignore me? It doesn’t make any sense. Obviously he wants to message me, he was thinking about me to message me right? So why is it when he does he can choose to just blank me. He had done this a few times, and he knows that it annoys me. I tried to let it go a few times, because he thinks I am a massive drama queen, which I am a little bit, but not loads and definitely does not want him thinking that all the time. But there is only so much I can take, there is only so much one girl can be messed around! 

He messaged me the other night, and of course blanked me half an hour into our conversation that I thought was quite adequate. The next day he messages me again, O couldn’t take it, so I sort of kicked off a little bit, sort of lost the plot. So I was like…


which as you can see isn’t too psycho… GOT DISTRACTED…. FUCKING FUCK BOY

SO in true fashion.. he ignored me after this until three full days later..

message 2

I replied… I am just another person who falls weak to the stupidities of men boys.

We exchanged a few messages until yet again HE FUCKING BLANKED ME, LIKE WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER STUPID FUCK BOY




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